We’ve always been fascinated with wine.

Roberts Wineware Red Bordeaux Glasses

The experience is one that is capable of augmenting… or transporting you to a place of pleasure, pain, passion or joy.

Wines have style and personality – It’s a function of their history and terroir.  Many have a definite purpose and place within the wine landscape – helping to transport the drinker. Most wine glasses however do not have a place, nor a greater purpose. They are passive vessels when they should be active contributors to the immersive experience that is wine. That’s where we come in.


Wine is a sensual pursuit.

We sought to create a wine glass to demonstrate this belief, but instead we enhanced... and started to perfect it. We create wine glasses that are instruments for the senses. Our glassware stimulates, supports and generously rewards the wine consumer….elevating the experience of a glass of wine.

Through meticulous research into the physiological drivers of taste, we found that a critical component in the taste process was being ignored in stemware design: the impact of textural stimuli of the lips and tongue on taste perception. Texture brings the critical element of touch into the wine-drinking experience. Unlike traditional glassware that focus on the shape of glass, the Roberts Supertaster Series wine glasses focuse on heightening taste perception for the wine consumer through the sense of touch. By adding textural elements near the rim of the wine glass, we stimulate neural receptors in the tongue and lips, driving salivary flow.  The result: an awakening of the palate for better taste awareness.

When your lips and tongue encounter the Taste Stimulating Textures™ of the wine glasses, touch receptors send a message to the part of the brain that initiates salivation, and alerts other senses in the taste process.  This results in a taste and flavor experience that is more intense and more pleasurable.