At Roberts Wineware, we pride ourselves in approaching wine tasting not only as an experience, but also a science.

Roberts Wineware Red Bordeaux Glass

So what makes the Supertaster wine glasses different?

Supertaster wine glasses have Taste Stimulating Textures (TST) on the outer glass near the rim which provoke the neural receptors on the tongue, encouraging saliva to flow and alerting our bodies to register pleasurable sensations associated with taste and flavor recognition.

The TSTs are designed to match grape variety's Textural Signatures. That is, delicate textures for delicate wines, moderate textures for moderately textured wines and rich textures for heavier, more tannic wines or those with lots of personality.

The combination of touch and smell provokes a greater response from our body’s taste mechanism than either of these senses alone…providing a rich sensory wine glass experience for all wine drinkers.

Roberts Wineware Bordeaux Red Wine Glasses

How do I use the Supertaster wine glass properly?

Take your first sip. Then bring the wine glass to your nose and breathe in deeply. At the same time, gently move the tip of your tongue across the Taste Stimulating Textures for 3-5 seconds while keeping the glass to your nose and breathing in.

After that process, take your second sip. Our wine glasses provide a heightened sense of taste, magnifying all the nuance your wine has to offer.

Dive into the technology with our Founder, Darrol Roberts featured on the Food Network:

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